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Customer Service - Three Focus Areas

Customer Service is a topic with no end of available books and free online training, with various viewpoints and management approaches.  So why read one more article on the subject?  After all, we are all experts by now - fully focused on our customer needs and helping our company achieve yet another "Delivery Excellence" award.

The problem is two-fold:  A.  Information overload, and  B.  Too many areas to focus attention simultaneously.

Google will readily take you to a choice of -

"5 Ways to Improve Customer Service"
"7 Ways IT Can Improve Customer Service"
"10 Ways to Improve your Customer Service"

All of these provide valuable training and support, but does that mean concentrating concurrently on 22 ways to ensure optimum service? If you consider a Concentric Approach to Customer Service, then you can divide your corporate troops into 3 batallions and attack the Customer Service Plan on three fronts (or Focus Areas) only.

Customer Centricity

By applying inspiration, integrity and integration to the planning and management of Customer Service, a company will automatically be applying appropriate, best practice and methods in their Business Process Improvement strategy.  Furthermore, the Customer Experience pendulum will start swinging, not only to the Excellent end of the survey scorecard, but approach a new benchmark of-   Outstanding


In my opinion, the three key areas to prioritise are Customer, Staff and Processes. All other plans and actions are entrenched in each area. Perfecting these areas requires detailed attention and discipline in several other areas, as I explain below.


As we explore each focus area, I like to limit the detail (progressively) to only 3 elements (or sub-elements).  For example, if we explore the first element of Customer Centricity, called "Know your Customers", we might further break that topic down as follows into 3 elements, each in turn to 3 practices and methods:

To quote one of my previous managers -  "Just give me 3 bullet points".  As always, my articles are not meant to advocate the definitive, expert solution, but are intended to provide ideas, share experience, and stimulate discussion and feedback.

Login to see the full training presentation on Concentric Customer Service, or grab a copy of the Customer Service Smart Guide (now available).  I have also created an example of an online Customer Survey Form (using the Drupal Webform module), or try the Article Feedback form attached to this article.  We are very keen to read your feedback and suggestions.

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