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Migrating a Site Index to the DCS Catalogue

With our new document control system in place, the best way to demonstrate its use and versatility is to populate the catalogue for practical purposes.  Note that the DCS and Catalogue are intended to be a working, training model, and may  be adapted in other ways with more rigorous requirements in other working situations.

As mentioned in our March Newsletter, we intend to systematically migrate existing site documents from the current registers and indexes into the new catalogue format.  For this discussion, we will register all our NewsCorner objects into a single catalogue.  These currently are listed (rather feebly) in an index table under our Publications Menu.

Our objectives for migrating to the new format are:

  1. Take advantage of a more durable and consistent document management system.
  2. Apply a Document Control standard and model through following our Registration Process.
  3. Utilize the benefits of improved navigation and productivity.

With this in mind, then we'll go through the process steps to complete the migration of the NewsCorner documents, which happen to be Drupal Panel entities.

Basically, the process involves the creation of DCS records for each object we wish to insert and manage in our replacement Catalogue.We also need to construct the NewsCorner Cataloue itself.

Building the NewsCorner Catalogue

Step 1.

Create a new content page of type Record, for each of the 5 existing Newsletters, and link them to their corresponding NewsCorner panel nodes.  Readers would be able to view these DCS records under the Record tab of the new catalogue (once it's in place).

Note the extra 3 catalogue entries that have been added pro-actively for planned Newsletter editions (April through June).


Step 2.

We now need to build the QualityHelp NewsCorner Catalogue objects, consisting of a View, a QuickTab instance and it's corresponding Block, as well as a Basic Page to act as a container for the combined catalogue.  It is this "Container" page node that is defined in the Link field of the DCS record for the Catalogue document (Record category).

This may all seem complex, but in fact the exercise for building the Catalogue is simplfied by the ability to "clone" existing Views and QuickTabs entities to create the new objects:

  • Create a simple Catalogue Container Page, by copying contents of another cataloge page and changing title and URL. Use a Basic Page for publicly visible catalogues, or use an Internal (restricted) page type for internally restricted Catalogues.
  • Locate under Drupal Admin / Structure an existing Catalogue View, clone it and change name, url and selection scope. Scope should be records containing a unique tag we added to each Catalogue record entry ("newscornercat")
  • Locate under Drupal Admin / Structure an existing Catalogue QuickTabs instance, clone it, provide a name then change the listed tab views to point to the new View we just created.
  • Configure the corresponding Drupal Block for the new QuickTabs instance we created. List only the URL of the Catalogue Container Page we created. Position the Block in the "Content Bottom" region.

At this point, the new Catalogue has been constructed but needs  to be located somewhere in the Master (top level) Catalogue or a Team sub-Catalogue.


Step 3.

To locate and access the new Catalogue, simply create an appropriate DCS record for it (Category REC, Type CAT), and add one or more tags to match it to the required Team catalogue/s.

Because the NewsCorner objects and Newsletters are all managed by the QualityHelp Quality Team, we have inserted our new Catalogue in the Quality Teams Documents Catalogue. Consequently, we now have a 3 tier catalogue hierarchy which locates the new NewsCorner Catalogue something like:

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