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Quality Articles, News and Events

This section will provide news articles and topics from all aspects of Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Management (QM) where it has relevance and currency in the IT Service and Support industries. Relevance will be driven by a number of factors, with some of the main drivers listed here:

  1. Relevant standards and frameworks appropriate to the IT support service eg. CMMI, LEAN, ISO or IEEE (software development)
  2. Current revisions of standards or frameworks eg. ISO 9001:2000 versus ISO 9001:1994
  3. Release of current Tools and methodolgies eg. new ISO 9001 complient document and process management tools
  4. Popular or requested topics from our community
  5. Events, training courses, seminars (and webinars)
  6. New book releases and online document links on Quality
  7. Links to new support and resource sites

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