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Cloud Services

Cloud Services - Reviews and Training

This index page will try and pick out some of the more comprehensive, independant and unbiased reviews and comparisons of Cloud Service and Storage providers. We are always happy to take on suggestions for additional links that readers may offer.  We are aware that both the service providers are growing and improving weekly, and reviews become dated quickly. We'll also throw in a few good training links that aim to demystify the technology involved.

Resource Link Comments
 CNET - Cloud Services Compared  A well respected review - now dated but still useful
  41 Online Backup Services   An excellent and comprehensive review - with some frank, unbiased views. See also the comparison chart .
  CNET OneDrive Review and Compare  A nicely laided out review of OneDrive (aka SkyDrive), stacked against DropBox, Google Drive and Box. Tends to targets more the non-business comsumer market.
  Cloud Reviews - Hosting and Storage  We've added this collection of reviews as another perspective. Still refers to SkyDrive but useful due to extensive coverage.
 The BEST10 Cloud Storage top10bestonlinebackup  Good for list of backup providers - somewhat dated and no weighting in scores (Looks like a "staged" review site)
 Top 10 Cloud Storage top10cloudstorage com  Very comprehensive and current review - Would like to see the scoring algorythm used.
 Social Compare - Cloud File Sharing  Someone's done some homework to put a comprehensive table together. Worth looking at, and useful for widening the scope and evaluation factors that may be critical for selection.


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