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Computer in a Single Chip

With advances in computer hardware, the possibility of an all-in-one computer chip looms in the distance. Cloud computing; where multiple servers exchange information from various locations. In 2009, Intel took this idea of cloud computing and made it into a single chip with 48 unique cores communicating with each other.
See:  Intel Labs Single Chip article for more on this.
From that point, the concept of a computer in a chip has been discussed and implemented. ( Read more on single chip computers at )
Although it is currently not plausible at this time, the concept would eradicate the PC building enthusiast market. Or would it bring about new methods of customising your PC? Once it is becomes a reality, there will be a significant change in sizes of computers. Workstations capable of video editing or high graphics processing would be the size of the house tablet. 
At this point in time, a computer still needs ample cooling capabilities and this fact would still remain with the all-in-one chips. But how would cooling be implemented on a device that handles, memory, graphics and processing among other things? I am certain there are many more challenges that researchers will have to overcome before it is even viable to consider mass producing these chips. Even with the advent of this new technology, it is highly likely that the PC modding community would still be just as happy with their 1000+ watt gaming rigs.



Hi Tex
Just tried to follow the link referenced in your article and got a 404 Error
Did a search on Intel web site and was linked to youtube
Not sure if that is the one you wished to reference?
Cheers Regards Mark D

Links should work now. Thanks, Mark.  What's your view on the technology?

Very interesting... its a tad deep for me.... I am more a hands on person....
When reading the material I also found another reference that may be useful to programmers out there :)
Regards Mark D

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