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Desktop Support - Small Business and End User

The following Desktop Support resources will initially target the single, private or small business PC users, who lack the budget to employ a dedicated support team. In most cases we will also give priority to free tools, training and applications that have received decent reviews or recommendations.  We will also try and keep up to date references to review sites and other useful resources.

Resource Link Comments
 Best Free Cleanup and Tuning Software


 A great comprehensive Freeware review site from Gizmo's freeware
 Best Free Windows Desktop Software techsupportalert windows  This section from Gizmo's freeware reviews breaks Windows tools and apps into categories - Security, Cleanup/Tune, File, Internet etc
 Best Free Software for Linux techsupportalert linux  With Linux becoming more popular as a desktop, users should find this reviewed list of tools from Gizmo very useful
 Essential Apps for Every New PC  The 32 totally essential (and free) apps for every new PC - This site is a bit dated but includes some stellar diehard tools that are well supported


Resource Link Comments
 Comodo Internet Security   Free, integrated internet security includes firewall, virus and malware protection
 Understanding Internet Security   Brighthub is always a good resource for Internet training material
 MS Security and Safe Computing   It's always useful to read what Microsoft says on the topic of Internet Computing
 MS Safety and Security Centre   Microsoft also have some good tips on detecting phishing / spam emails


Resource Link Comments
  Skype   Great tool for conferencing, collaboration and multiple device communication
  Thunderbird   Free email application - very easy to set up and use across multiple PCs
  Filezilla filezilla-project   One of the best free FTP clients for managing your web server file content and transfers
  Notepad++ notepad-plusplus-org   Essential editor for formatted text, scripts and other language codes
 Firefox mozilla-firefox   Free web browser - the classic alternative to IE
 Chrome google-chrome   A lean, mean and fast web browser - a popular alternative to both IE and Firefox


Resource Link Comments
 Tech Tutorials   A great, well-maintained single training site with several thousand free tutorials on a range of PC and IT topics.
 Computer Security Training   SANS is a dedicted online training site for IT security training, certifications. Great for wanna-be security specialists, but also provides a lot of free information, blogs and newsletters.


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