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This support stream at QualityHelp is focused on the the ICT HelpDesk function within IT Service Management, along with it's interaction with the multiple support teams making up an IT service organisation.

Whilst the HelpDesk function and support teams have been around for many years, the methodology, practices, activities and innovative technology employed has had to evolve significantly to keep pace with rapidly changing demands of both Information Technology and customer profiles.

The objective of our HelpDesk team is to share our knowledge, experience and learnings in the disciplines and practices across the mutiple process streams in IT HelpDesk functions.


HelpDesk or IT Service Desk

Some of my colleagues have questioned our use of the term HelpDesk for a stream of articles and support.  Given that our site objectives are centred around some of the core ITIL Service Management disciplines, then the question (aka customer query) for overlooking "IT Service Desk" is worthy of some discussion. Whilst the ubiquitous Wikipedia provides a fair stab at defining the accepted differences, for this discussion (ie Help Desk versus Service Desk), we'll simplify the differences as:

HelpDesk         -  Provide rapid response to paying customers and end users for information, services and issue resolution, related to company products and services.

ServiceDesk   -  An ITIL function providing a central, single point of contact for all clients and users of a company's services, including IT support services, especially problem, incident and request management.

Customer Service - Three Focus Areas

Customer Service is a topic with no end of available books and free online training, with various viewpoints and management approaches.  So why read one more article on the subject?  After all, we are all experts by now - fully focused on our customer needs and helping our company achieve yet another "Delivery Excellence" award.

The problem is two-fold:  A.  Information overload, and  B.  Too many areas to focus attention simultaneously.

Customer, Client or Consumer

We all have a reasonable grasp of the meaning and use of the words "customer", "client" and "consumer", and we often interchange them in our conversations and documents.

However, from a Service Management perspective, there is a difference that IT service management professionals should be clear about. Why is this important?

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