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Joomla Resources

Joomla Support Sites and Training

Joomla and add on themes and modules provides the backbone of this site and many of our projects. This is a dedicated page to some of the great support sites. Please provide any feedback or recommendations on the main Web Design page.

Resource Link Comments
 Joomla Org Home joomla org  Start at the official home site for Joomla 
 Joomla Resources Site joomla resources
A fairly comprehensive list of Joomla resource sites here (Part of the Joomla Tutorial site). You can look at resources joomla org (a bit cluttered)
 Joomla Tutorials joomlatutorials  Joomla online training and tutorials
 Joomla Extensions Directory joomla extensions  Probably where you get the add-ons to make your joomla site sparkle and buzz
 Joomla Developer Network joomla developer org  Clearly for serious joomla geeks
 Joomla Installation Resources docs joomla org  Shortcut to the joomla installation guides
 WebsiteSetup - Your First Joomla Site websitesetup joomlawebsite  A good starting point (aka Dummys Guide) for building your first Joomla Site

As always, please advise us of other great (or essential) support sites.

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