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Latest Updates

update: Applying several fixes to content

We are currently applying a number of fixes across much of our site content. This is to address two defects which have been systemic across much of the site:

  1. Links to images had stopped functioning on most of the articles and other content page types. The images were not lost, and we only needed to refresh the links (through Drupal content editing)
  2. Links to other site content / pages had also stopped functioning, with the (very annoying) message "Page not found".  An edit and link review / refresh was the simple (but time consuming) solution.

The first defect has been almost entirely fixed. There is still a lot of ongoing work to eradicate the 2nd defect.

update: Review of Domain names and DRP

We're in the process of reviewing our Domain name and site infrastructure. Currently is a main, production site, and is a DRP / backup domain and host site. We're are looking to crossover to QualityHelp as the main production site.
Part of the review will include the set-up of more regular backups / imaging of our databases to a DRP site.

update: Fixed faulty View for PM Invoicing

The View Page for PM Invoicing had an error with its node setting, and was appearing on the detail article page for all site users. 
This is now fixed.

update: Drupal version upgrade to 7.54

The installed version of Drupal has been upgraded from 7.26 to 7.54

Several module fixes have also been applied

update: WHS catalogue split into two indices

The WHS Management System is now starting to grow.  It's time to split into separate catalogue groups for WHS Procedures and WHS Documents.

Typically, Procedure catalogues contain policies, standards, procedures (SOPs and WIPs), whilst Document catalogues contain records, templates, checklists, training and guides.

update: New article stream for WHS

We've reorganized the Article Menu (alphabetically), and added a new discussion stream on Work Health and Safety. Our new WHS manager, Steve (aka Scorpio) will be leading the discussions and helping  to showcase some sample WHS procedures and document templates and samples (via our Catalogue).

update: New HealthTracker Templates

We've just updated the HealthTracker templates following a suggestion to add monthly trend reports (bar graphs). The templates can be downloaded from the SmartGuides block or the HealthTracker Project Catalogue.  A live demo of the graphs can be viewed under the Dashboard for Kendar. Click on the "Monthly Trends" tab. The Sample HealthTracker Dashboard will be updated in the near future, along with the overdue user instructions.

update: Draft for new HealthTracker template

In response to a suggestion for enhancing the HealthTracker, I have created a draft for an update to the 2 templates. This will allow the generation of monthly trend reports as part of the spreadsheet Data and Report tabs. The draft can be viewed on the live  Dashboard  (for Kendar) where reader can click on the new report tab "Monthly Trends".

Feedback and suggestion are welcome (either here of on the Suggestion record).

update: Shortcuts to Team Documents and Procedures

We've made it easier to find Team documents and procedures. In our Catalogue model, it is not difficult to navigate to Team catlogues, and associated documents, procedures and tracked records.It is now even easier to track documents for each Team (and Article stream) with the new shortcusts added to the Team's menu block. This is found at the top right of each Article Stream, along with shortcuts to News, Updates and Team Dashboards.

update: Project Registers Moved

If you haven't already noticed, we've moved the Project Register out of the Navigation Menu, along with the related Tasks and Issues Registers. These registers served their purpose at the time, but now lack the power and functionality to keep up with our increasing activities.  Users and members can find them on the Main menu (under Projects).

We'll update you soon on the new Management Information System we are building in Microsoft Access.


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