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news: Major Site Overhaul


Hello once again, and welcome to our new (and regular visitors and members). It's about time I posted a news update following 2 to 3 weeks spent doing a major overhaul of the QualityHelp Community site.

It didn't help when I accidentally deleted the Community mission statement document a day ago.  This only highlights the urgent need to get our Business Continuity Plan in place and bring our mirror site complete up to date and synchronised (I have raised a Task to ensure this happens over this weekend).



News Update

The original site was built using the Drupal theme Mayo, however I had been playing around with alternative themes for different uses, and was quite impressed with the clean lines in the Danland theme, which I used to knock up a prototype site for my son Bruno's coffee shop at Mount White - The Old Road Cafe (still a project in progress).
Danland uses rotating picture banners which I though were quite "crisp" and the overhaul support and documentation for this theme was extensive and professional. Danland has a sub-theme called Danblog (without the banners) and I eventually settled on this after some heavy testing with various modules including the essential Drop-down menus that were built-in (using the Superfish mdoule).
I have since installed and utilised a number of the top 50 Drupal modules.  I must say that a major break-through came when I loaded the CKEditor wysiswyg module, a Rich Text editor which increased my content management productivity about 10 fold.
The second significant module gem I installed was Views. This module allowed me to start harnessing the real potential of Drupal and the database sub-strata that it is built upon (Just have a look at the Record Registers I have built in next to no time on the Home Page navigation block).
The icing on the cake for me, will be publishing our Community's first eNewsletter, using the SimpleNews module. I hope to have the first out by late November, 2012.
Looking forward to chatting with all of you, 



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