Microsoft Virus Infection Phone Scam

I have had about 6 calls in the last year from an overseas call centre where more often than not a lady has identified herself as being from Microsoft and advised me that my computer is infected with a virus.  This happened to a friend a while ago and she started to go down that path until they asked for a credit card number.

No Vendor will ever ring you directly like this. I doubt that even Microsoft would try to maintain a database of ipaddress to users especially when most home users are on a system where they are randomly leased an address from a pool of addresses owned by their service provider (ie their address is not static).  Likewise if somebody calls and says they are from your bank and asks for login/passwords to your internet banking accounts I would be suspicious.

Which Standard or Methodology?

Whilst there are many solutions to a company or organisation's quality management needs, the final solution may end up to be an integrated combination of a few methodologies.

With so many standards, tools, frameworks and methodologies available for supporting Quality Management systems, many small and medium organisations struggle to determine where they should start when implementing a QM system for the first time

Site Design

One of the driving objectives for building this site was to demonstrate the power of applying continuous process improvement over time. The structure and content will likely transform significantly.

This essentially means the site and it's underlying infrastructure will continue to evolve.


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