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Other Quality Management Resources

Other Quality Resources (External)

Resource Link Comments
 TQM (Total Quality Management) asq tqm  This is the TQM Learning page at ASQ
 TQC  (Total Quality Control) process improvement  A very good support site for TQC, and other quality practices and teachings
 FlowHelp TQM Tutorial flowhelp com  A nicely laid out site devoted to TQM and ISO:9001 tutorials and support
 Bright Hub PM brighthub com  A training and resources site focusing on excellence in project management, but with some very useful user guides (including Six Sigma and ITIL components)
 ASQ Quality Tools asq tools  ASQ org has a section on Quality Tools and Templates, with supporting guides. This is a great starting place for those of us who are relatively new to Quality Analysis.
 NIST SEMATECH nist gov eHandbook  This an online eHandbook on Engineering Statistics on a USA government site (public). Whilst not dedicated to Six Sigma specific quality analyis, it provides a very comprehensive guide on quantitative (graphical) techniques - very useful for anyone interested in data analytics.
 IT Service Management Zone itil org uk  Covers IT and IT Service Management, including the relationship between IT v3 and the ISO 20000 standard (as illustrated in the ITIL Triangle ).



Other Quality Resources (Internal Documents or Streams)

Resource Link Comments
 Quality System Map qms map  Quality Management System component cross-reference
 Quality Computer Support qualityhelp support  Our sister QualityHelp Org site focused on IT Quality Support for Desktop Support (Still work in progress)
 Quality Server Support qualityhelp server   Our sister QualityHelp Org site focused on IT Quality Server Support, covering Windows and Midrange distributed server management



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