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Project Management


QualityHelp Community Projects

The concept and objectives behind the QualityHelp Community are to explore, develop and practice many of the principles of quality management systems and methodologies. We needed both a forum and a support system (or business) to demonstrate these principles as we contribute, develop and share our ventures, learnings and solutions.

Whilst this overall community project will involve and rely on numerous technical and quality management components,  the success of this business will be strongly dependent on 3 major principles:

  1. Community Contribution
  2. Continuous Improvement
  3. Collaborative Technology


Treat all Changes like Projects

Whether you are in a small business or large organisation, the principle of Change Management is the same - If you want to get it right every time and save heaps of money, then you must treat every Change Management exercise as rigorously as a project.

In our article on Get Change Management Right , we discussed the close alignment of Change and Project Management practices and methods. The Release Management phase of a Project is itself an exercise in Change Management. Planning, Review, Communications, Logistics, Collaboration, Documentation and Approvals are all crucial components of both a well-managed Project or a Change.

In our QH Management Information System model, we've plonked our Change Management records into the Project Management database, rather than create separate tables.

Roll Your Own Management Information System

When it comes to getting serious with IT Service Management, then we need more sophisticated tools than can be built with Drupal alone. It's time to store the basic Project, Tasks and Issues registers in the back shed (along with the typewriters and bundy clocks), and roll out our new Management Information System. But hang on, we don't have a budget for a decent MIS covering the scope of ITSM areas and functions.

We've looked at some Drupal modules and Open Source tools for bug tracking and project management. Whilst there are a number of decent tools that work well, we haven't found any comprehensive, integrated tools that are scoped across the IT organisation's development and support loop. Well, there are quite a few, but they will cost you a bucket.

One of our objectives here at QualityHelp is to slice open and expose our tools and infrastructure, so we can see and understand the components and methods. That's what Process Management is all about.

Whilst many small businesses on shoe-string budgets build electronic record systems in MS Excel, there is a limit to the capability of this very useful tool.  Microsoft Access provides a greater level of functionallity and control over a wide range of data tables and functions, with greater easer than Excel.

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