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This is an index of useful guides in handy tri-fold (smartguide) format. They can either be read online or printed in duplex.

Guide Open Overview
 Pareto Powered Presentations enlightened  Create a template for pareto charts
 Total Business Management enlightened  Quality management for small businesses
 ISO 9000 Process Flowchart enlightened  Sequence Flow for building an ISO 9000 Quality Management System
 Continuous Improvement Process enlightened  Compares Continual Improvement with ongoing Continuous Improvement Process
 Customer Service  Concentric approach to Customer Service, focusing on three key areas
 Lean Areas of Waste  Optional views of the 8 areas of waste in Lean Manufacturing and Lean IT
  Six Sigma Health Tracker

 Using Six Sigma and SPC to managing Diabetes.

Version 7a  Health Tracker Tool   (International)
Version 7b  Health Tracker Tool   (USA units)

 See the sample monthly Health Report










Docno: qh-quality-training-doc-2013-0007 (Edition: 05-08-2014)




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