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Social Media Training

Social Media now exists in many forms, and provides a wide variety of online and networking services across the globe for millions of participants.  Unfortunately, the numerous systems for accessing so-called Social Media are complex and challenging for even "computer-literate" people.  The opportunities for connecting people with similar interests and hobbies creates an intriguing challenge, especially where older, retired people have very little, or no social interaction and minimal contact with others.

The Quality Community is taking on this challenge in a number of ways.

We want to make it easier for folk to turn appropriate social media applications into worthwhile, interactive networking tools. Loneliness and boredom are immense problems for both retirees and other folk living alone or in isolated areas.  With basic computer skills, just about anyone can tap into a rewarding,  mind-stimulating adventure that is available any time of day or night.

As a starting point, Twitter can be a valuable social media application, when used sensibly, to connect people with similar interests around the world. Well thought out and managed profile, time-line and content stream can provide very satisfying, thought-provoking activities that can be accessed via computer and smart phones / devices at any time.

With all social media tools available on the internet, there are traps and pitfalls, and we aim to provide guidance and training material for our community members to help folk get the best out these applications. Our initial focus and priority will be on using Twitter.



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