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Social Media Resources

Social Media - Support and Training

Social media tools provide excellent vehicles for networking, collaboration, sharing ideas and coaching - for both professional and leisure purposes.  Whilst there are many social media tools available, we will focus on a few of the common, widely accepted systems, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Resource Link Comments
 Twitter Help Centre's own Support and Help site - a handy reference for basic and advnced topics
 TwitIP - 13 Easy Steps  An excellent, comprehensive training resource for Twitter beginners (and advanced users).
 Twitter for Beginners YoutubeTwitterTutorial  A refreshing, informative Youtube clip for beginners (12 minutes) - worth watching
 Twitter for Business  Advanced Resources for using Twitter for Business (a bundle of 36 resource links)
 Blogworld Twitter Basics  This basic tutorial gives some good tips on Twitter terminology and Twitter Etiquette


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