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Training Overview

Our QualityHelp Community is  primarily focused on providing Training and Coaching, for both our members and our wider community. It seemed appropriate to devote a dedicated stream to the provision of topics, guidance and discussion on this important area of any company or organisation. 

Our Vision at QualityHelp is to guide IT support folk in the principles and value of quality management through team involvement and sharing.

Whether the training is for staff, customers or just self-training, it's worthwhile building some structure around the way a business develops, delivers and maintains all it's training material and resources.

Tell your Story - Build a Photo Blog Website

Whilst social media tools, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter provide a ready means for people (young and old) to share selected photos and adventures.  Most of these are often complex to mangage, where photo stories are displayed in a linear timeline.  Few or no management or cataloguing tools are provided to provide a wholistic or catagorized view of your stories and pictures.
Perhaps a self-managed customised website is the solution.

Social Media Training

 Social Media now exists in many forms, and provides a wide variety of online and networking services across the globe for millions of participants.  Unfortunately, the numerous systems for accessing so-called Social Media are complex and challenging for even "computer-literate" people.  The opportunities for connecting people with similar interests and hobbies creates an intriguing challenge, especially where older, retired people have very little, or no social interaction and minimal contact with others.

The Quality Community is taking on this challenge in a number of ways.

Work Health and Safety Training

Training is not only the starting point for implementing a robust Work, Health and Safety management system, it also provides a crucial method for ensuring the system remains relevant and effective, as well as fostering continual safety awareness for both management and staff across the organisation.

The initial exposure to training on WHS in might typically begin with an introductory presentation or short training course provided by a consultant or external trainer.  There are plenty of online training resources available for a business to self-train, but it is strongly advised that professionally trained Wok Health and Safety consultants are involved from the start of an implementation project. Larger organisations would be advised to hire a WHS Officer with appropriate experience an training.

Putting Training in Perspective

Within our QualityHelp Community, we have a perspective on training which is balanced across two objectives -

  1. Expanding our technical skills and knowledge related to IT Service Management, support functions and areas dependent on solid IT structure and quality processes.
  2. Personal training, development and continually stimulating the brain through challenging the mind.

This second objective goes hand in hand with other self-development activities.

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