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Putting Training in Perspective

Within our QualityHelp Community, we have a perspective on training which is balanced across two objectives -

  1. Expanding our technical skills and knowledge related to IT Service Management, support functions and areas dependent on solid IT structure and quality processes.
  2. Personal training, development and continually stimulating the brain through challenging the mind.

This second objective goes hand in hand with other self-development activities.

The evolving world is a strange and fascinating entity.  The human devlopment process of  "education, career and retirement" once seemed like fair and simple model, but we now know that education (in its many  forms) is a lifelong quest.  The experts are also telling us that complex, mental and academical activities help to keep the brain and mind throbbing with life in our older years. So whilst we understand that continuing education (in the ICT sector and elsewhere) is an essential component of career building, we also recognise at QualityHelp the other critical benefits of training and self-education. 

The "bottom" up approach for effective training and mind challenging activities forms the key to maintaining a healthy brain.

  1. Staying active, and keeping the body physically fit.
  2. Maintaining a healthy body requires a balance of healthy eating habits and keeping fit through physical exertion and exercise.
  3. Paying attention to the health of the brain, its dietary needs and physical protection (eg. construction workers, bikers and football players wearing helmets)
  4. Staying socially active promotes well-being and contributes to a healthy brain and mind.
  5. The first 4 steps provide the best chance for the mind to cope with, and apprectiate the full benefits of complex concepts in advanced training and education programmes.

Our training programmes of choice in the QualityHelp Community centre around the complexities of the IT Service Management work industry, as well as the supporting disciplines that depend or leverage off Information Technology and Quality Management methdologies.


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