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Web Design and Resources

Whilst there are plenty of (paper based) literature on all aspects of Web Design, and also the underlying infrastructure (I have a small library myself on the subject), I have found many online resources invaluable. My list is not exhaustive, and predominantly targeting the tools and resources specific to our site's CMS, based on Drupal 7.

Resource Link Comments
Drupal Org Home drupal org  The essential starting point for all wannabe Drupal Developers
Drupal Resources drupal resources page  Our own list of useful Drupal support sites. Feel free to suggest others
Web Hosts Resources hosting resources page  Web server and hosting support from GoDaddy and HostPappa
The Site Wizard thesitewizard  Great training resource for website design and promotion
The Free Country thefreecountry  Free programmers, webmasters and security support - a useful companion site to the Site Wizard
W3schools Online Home w3schools com  w3schools online is a large web development site providing free education in website creation for both beginners and experts.
Strategic Web Usability  25-point Website Usability Checklist (one of the better online web site sanity checks)
Toward Content Quality  Another very good Checlist and discussion on quality websites and content.
Web Design Checklists smashingmagazine  Provides details and links to 45 Useful Web Design Cheklists and Questionnaires.
Joomla Org Home joomla org  Of course, if all else fails you can go to Joomla -a heavyweight and very popular alternative to Drupal.
Joomla Resources joomla resources page  We made need this for one of our future projects

I also need to mention my gratitude to Google, so I will put a plug in for Google Search as my search engine of choice.

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